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Welcome to Enspire School! We offer math classes for students in 4th through 11th grade.

For those of you interested in how to cultivate math interests in young children; whether children should participate in math competitions; or have any questions on my curriculum or my system of teaching, 

More Lectures here: TEACHERS | mysite (

Roadmap of a New Kid 牛娃养成记

(English PPT, lecture in Mandarin)

"K-12 Math Studies in the New World" (新环境下的数学学习)

(English PPT, lecture in Mandarin)


First Part: K-12 Curriculum:

Second Part: Math Competition:

Q & A:

2021.8.21 北大拔丝学堂:数学之美-汤涛院士(1)

2021.8.21 北大拔丝学堂:数学之美-汤涛院士(2)


(English PPT, Mandarin discussion)


(English PPT, Mandarin discussion)


Two Sides of Motivational Coin: Self Motivation vs Apathy 

唤醒内驱力的积极进取与失去内驱力的消极抑郁: 一枚硬币的两面

(English PPT, English and Mandarin discussion)

Episode 1 

Episode 2


Episode 3

Here is my lecture in English from 2017 (online)

The 2023 fall session is finally here.


You are welcome to sign up.  We have small-group online classes from August 2023 to June 2024, 


Sign up for classes here:

For enrollment opportunities, policy and fee questions, please contact:


For curriculum questions, please contact:   or   (650)935-5646

About Dr. Haiyun Zhang​


Teaching Experience:

  • Instructor, the Saudi Arabia national teams for Mathematics Olympiad Instructor (2012)

  • Ideamath math competition camp (2011 - 2014)

  • Founder and lead teacher, Meyerholz Math Olympiad Club (2012-14)

  • Judge for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) (2011)

  • Trainer, the California mathcounts team -- National Championship team (2011)

  • Coach and Team Leader, the Bay Area PMWC teams (2008)


  • FSA, Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (2013)

  • Ph.D. Physics with Neurobiology Emphasis. Caltech (1997)

  • M.S. Physics. Caltech (1991)

  • Physics Dept, Peking University (1987-1990)

Competition Experience:

  • Perfect Scores, AIME and AHSME (1987)

  • First Class Prize, National High School Mathematics Competition of China (1986)

  • Second Class Prize, National High School Physics Competition of China (1986)


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