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Policy & Fees

2019-20 Fees:

30 Classes a year

$50 registration fee/class/student


Tuition: ~ $50 /hr/student
Sibling discount: 10% off the lower tuition.

Multiclass discount: 10% off the lower tuition.

1hr class: $50, $1500/year (30 classes)

1.25hr class: $65, $1950/year (30 classes)

1.5hr class: $75, $2250/year (30 classes)

1.75hr classes: $90, $2700/year (30 classes)

2hr classes: $100, $3000/year (30 classes)

Cash or Check made out to "Haiyun Zhang" or paypal to enspire.instruct@gmail.com


1" or 1/2" 3-ring binder

Binder filler paper

Pencil and eraser

Required book

Absence/Refund Policy:

Please inform Dr. Zhang of any absences ahead of time. There will be no charge for predetermined absences. Absent students are expected to make up all material covered and all homework assigned during missed classes. If the student fails to complete the make up work, he/she might be removed from the class.

If there are any time changes or cancellations made by Enspire School, students will be refunded.

Absences or withdrawals after the school has started will not be refunded. However, 2 class credits can be granted for future classes.

Homework Policy:

Please sign up for a student account in Edmodo. Students will be expected to finish homework with paper and pencil. Parents or students need to scan or photograph (with software to enhance the images such as CamScanner) to submit to EDMODO group one day before the class.

Students should do their homework on their own. If you are stuck on a problem, think about it for at least 5 min for elementary school students, 10 min for middle school students, and 20 min for high school students.

Behavior Policy:

Please do not touch anything not belonging to you in the current classroom, including teacher's items in and around the classroom.

Please treat the other students as you want to be treated.